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e bike batteryebike batteryebike battery maintenance — 21 Aug 2022

How to Prolong the Life of Your E-bike Battery

How to Prolong the Life of Your E-bike Battery


If you have the pleasure of owning an e-bike, you know that the battery is one of the most important components of your investment - it’s essentially an expensive fuel tank.

Whether you’re a seasoned e-biker or intend to buy one, check out these three tips to prolong the life of your e-bike battery for years to come.

Tip #1 - Charge Your E-Bike Battery Fully

It’s important to charge your e-bike battery fully before your first ride as they typically come with a partial factory charge. This will balance out the cells through your BMS - Battery Management System and will continue to monitor your battery. With most e-bikes you may charge your battery on or off your bike. Take the proper precautions when removing and replacing your battery by using both hands and be sure not to accidentally drop it. Always follow the guidelines in your manufacturer.

Tip #2 - Don’t Expose Your E-bike Battery to Extreme Temperatures

It’s important to store your e-bike battery in the proper temperature. You want to steer clear of high heat or cold temperatures.

Sub-freezing temperatures and extreme heat temperatures (over 104℉) will hurt the battery’s performance.

Store or park your bike in a dry cool place. Inspect the terminals to make sure they are clean and making good contact. Remove any corrosion with an emery cloth.If you don’t intend to use your bike for a while, store it with a battery charge of 50 - 80%. 

Tip #3 - The E-bike’s Owner Manual is Your Best Friend

Rather than quickly riding off on your electric bike, take some time to get acquainted with your owner’s manual. Please don’t assume you’ll figure it out. The lithium e-bike batteries are safe but if misused they can be damaged and in rare cases catch on fire.

An e-bike battery will slowly lose its efficiency over time. If you are very diligent you may want to check with your local dealer about tips and tricks to really extend its life. Most e-bike batteries are good for 800 to 1000 full charge and discharge cycles.


Can you overcharge an e-bike battery?

Depending on the type of charger you have, it may be possible but you should never overcharge an e-bike battery. Doing so may cause the battery to overheat or reduce its lifespan, rendering it unusable. Using an outlet timer is a good move if you have a regular charger. 

How long does an e-bike battery last?

If well maintained, an electric bike battery should serve you for more than three years. Top-quality e-bike batteries can last up to 8 years. Remember to regularly check on the status of your e-bike batteries and clean them every so often.

Why is testing my charger important?
You should have your charger tested at least once a year. The reason for this is that if your charger is not putting out its full voltage, your battery will not get fully charged. The BMS can only fully balance the cells when it reaches a full charge. Unbalanced cells will lead to battery failure. 

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