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Electric Bike Tune-Ups - Do you really need them?

Electric Bike Tune-Ups - Do you really need them?


Do you really need to tune up your e-bike on a regular basis?

Even with new bikes, you will experience break-in periods where some parts become loose or get out of alignment.

With older electric bikes, there is a high probability that you will get to a point where your bike starts to wear down. Even if your older bike appears to be in perfect shape, its chain may be stretched or have tight links, which can cause rough shifting and accelerated wear on other parts.

If you want your e-bike to be dependable, tune-ups are well worth the investment for safety and longevity. So, here’s what you need to know to guarantee that your e-bike gives you a smooth ride for years to come.

Basic Tune-Up

It’s important to tune up your e-bike after every 1500 kilometers of riding or every 6 months.
However, you may need to service your e-bike more frequently depending on how much wear and tear you put on it.

So what does a basic tune-up entail? A basic e-bike tune-up will include an inspection of the brakes, gears, headset, bottom bracket, and wheel hubs. Adjustments for brakes, gears, and minor wheel trueing if needed. Next, chain cleaning, lubricating, and tightening any loosened components. Lastly, electrical inspection and testing.

Although some riders choose to tune up their e-bike themselves, it’s recommended that you bring it to a licensed e-bike service shop.

The following services are recommended based on your riding routine.

Regular Riding

You may not be a daily rider, but you still use your bike to carry cargo regularly. Sometimes, you set aside weekends for longer rides. If this sounds like you, then you are probably a regular rider. You will still face tear and wear – so always take 5 minutes before each ride to check your brakes, sensors, tires/pressure, shifting, battery charge, and loose components, and ensure your chain is properly lubricated.

Intense Riding

You're pretty much an intense rider if you ride your e-bike to work or use it for errands every day. Your bike can take a lot, but carrying cargo and riding through mud, rain, and snow, may wear down parts faster. This means you need to tune up your bicycle every 500 kilometers. Be sure your battery is fully charged. Always perform the same inspection as a regular rider.

E-Bike Cleaning

Cleaning your electric bike regularly will enhance its performance. Dirt can wear out your moving components, including the derailleur and drive chain. Ensure you clean the derailleur and chain with proper cleaning products like Muc Off. You can also use an old toothbrush, water, and soap before lubricating these components to prevent wear and tear.

E-Bike Tire Pressure Checking

It's a good practice always to check your tires before every ride. Check the tire pressure and for wear and tear. You can potentially prevent flat tires while riding in a remote area. That's why it's also crucial to carry appropriate tools to make some repairs if the inevitable happens.


Electric bike tune-ups are crucial to ensure your bike's performance is safe and reliable. Remember to at least tune up your bicycle after every 1500 kilometers, whether you’re an intense rider or not. By doing that, you will have a smoother ride for years to come and save on unnecessary costs.

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  • I fully agree with scheduled maintenance as that is where serious problems are identified and corrected prior to having a breakdown when on the trail, or far enough from home where you need to call a friend for help.
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