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5 Reasons You Should Consider An E-bike To Commute

5 Reasons You Should Consider An E-bike To Commute


If you’re looking for a way to get to work, school or the grocery store, a commuter bike is a great option.

When it comes to finding the right commuter model, our Freedom City Ebike is a fan favourite. Today, e-bikes make up the fastest expanding sector of the cycling industry.

Read on to find out why you should consider commuting with a city e-bike.


1. It Keeps You Fit 

Riding an e-bike to work or school will improve your physical and mental health and help you stay active and fit.

According to an article by CBC Canada, people who cycled to work had at least 45% lower risk of cancer and 46% lower risk of heart disease. What’s more, commuter e-bikes are less strenuous than their conventional cousins.
(Click here for the full CBC article)


2. It Saves Time 

The main aim of your daily commute is to get to work on time. With an electric commuter bike, you can pedal to a speed of 32 kilometers per hour. You can forget about crawling along in city traffic by taking the scenic bicycle paths. Always be sure to follow path speed limits.

Electric bikes can allow you to maintain your desired speed regardless of hills or wind. An added advantage is that with an e-bike is that you have the option of riding on city streets as well. Also, need not worry about being a sweaty mess when you reach your destination! 


3. It Saves You Money 

Parking your e-bike is free, and doesn’t take any gas to fuel up or require insurance.  It does however need charging. For an average of about $0.10 you can get between 30 to 90km on a single charge. It will take around four to six hours to charge the battery fully.


4. Environmentally Friendly 

Did you know that the pollution level of an electric commuter bike is only 1.25%?
When you opt for an ebike, you’re not only doing yourself a huge favor by avoiding traffic but also protecting the environment. Vehicles contribute to high levels of greenhouse gases and noise pollution. Switching to an e-bike will put less strain and congestion on central business districts.


5. It’s Safe 

Speed isn’t the only thing that matters when riding an e-bike to work. You want to get to your destination fast, we get it, but safety is equally important. 

Following the correct precautions will provide you with a fun and safe ride. Remember to use your lights and reflectors,wear a high-quality helmet and follow local laws and speed limits. Keeping your ebike properly maintained should also be a top priority.

In summary, more and more people are catching on to the benefits of e-bikes and consider them one of the best alternatives for your daily commute. 

Questions? We’re happy to help! Stop by our shop located at 244 Britannia Road Ottawa,ON or give us a call at (613) 627-4285.


  • Hello Sheryl. Soon we will share the required maintenance and cleaning tips for winter riding. Stay warm and tuned!
  • I’m over 80 now and got your bike from my wife for my 81 birthday.Just love to ride the bike almost every day.One trip in the morning and an other one in the afternoon.The way I see it anybody can get use it and enjoy the rides.Get to it.
  • What would you suggest when it comes to commuting in the winter? How would be the best way to protect your E bike from the salt and grit? Thanks, Sheryl
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