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In 2008 I began working on an amazing invention in my spare time and by 2012 I was in it 100%, working many 16 hour days.

A bike ride changed my life... and possibly yours.


A bike ride changed my life... and possibly yours


Very exciting things started to happen like trade shows, news and TV interviews, write ups in trendy magazines, Dragons’ Den appearance followed by orders from Amazon, Wayfair, Costco, QVC, Canadian tire, the list goes on. I was on top of the world...

or so it appeared from the outside looking in.

What goes unnoticed by most is that all the revenue is going right back into the business for growth. Nothing went into my pocket. The work never stops and 16 hour work days aren’t enough.

Over the last 10 plus years I mentioned, eleven great goals were reached but do the math, 11 days out of 3650. That leaves 3639 really difficult days. Family and friends were neglected. The gym, my hobbies and interests were all gone. I was diagnosed and medicated for major depression.

Who had I become? How did this happen?

Hardest decision of my life... I walked away from it all.


Then in the spring of 2018, I went for a bike ride. I jumped on my 15-year-old mountain bike and cruised along the 1000 Islands Parkway with a warm breeze on my face. I couldn’t help but notice all the beauty that surrounded me. Vibrant green leaves popping from tree branches, beautiful cold blue water on the horizon and the bright yellow sun high in the sky lighting up the world. I was taking big, deep breaths of the fresh air and had a smile on my face from ear to ear. I tingled with joy. I was free. In that moment, life was perfect.

I tingled with joy. I was free. In that moment, life was perfect.



Over the months I have now been focusing on healing and self growth. Digging into what is truly important in life. As it turns out, for me, overworking isn't the answer. But neither is social media or binge watching TV for 10 hours on a Sunday. Recognize that by working too hard for tomorrow you are sacrificing today. Whether you are working all the time or just wasting time, change is necessary.

We are neglecting and missing out on what is truly important in life and for happiness.



Remember my life changing bike ride. I want to recreate the same feelings for everyone.  We need to start recognizing that you must enjoy today. Today.  Let’s share more of our time with loved ones, read, write, exercise, play with your dog, sing, dance, get out in nature and do what makes you happy. Feel good.  

A bike ride changed my life and my hope is that an E-bike will bring you the same enjoyment and freedom that it brought me.


Kory Keogan

Let the Ride Begin.


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