• It’s the way of the future.

At Teslica we will always give more for less. * With some other brands, their "add-ons" can quickly add up but with Teslica they come standard on every bike. Plus, we have a bunch of helpful extras that provide you with excellent value.

WE COME TO YOU. Yes, in our awesome Teslica Van! We will answer your questions and you will have the opportunity to test ride our various models.

MORE FOR LESS.  Our bikes come fully outfitted. We include all the extras such as fenders, cargo racks, water bottle holders, reflectors, warning bell and a 15 month warranty.

SAFETY FIRST. We have your bike professionally built and fine tuned by Dr. Cycle Service. We also include a complimentary tune up!

GET MOTIVATED. Follow us for inspiration and change for a healthy, happy life.

You will be set up to get out and ride in comfort, with confidence. You will have the freedom to explore new destinations in a healthy, environmentally friendly way.

We promote a community of happiness, health and sharing. We will inspire you and always give excellent value in our products as well as in life.


Let the Ride Begin.



*For Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Welcome to the community.

elcome to the community. A community of like minded individuals who believe in enjoying life. Why buy an E-Bike? Why Teslica?


  • Cruise by the congested city streets  with a smile
  • Travel further. Go faster. Discover more.
  • Keep pace with a companion or group
  • Oh, you don’t like going up hills...no problem! You will enjoy them.
  • Environmentally friendly transportation – enjoy the commute
  • Seniors & people with limited ability can reclaim their freedom.
  • Experience freedom, health, happiness, nature and enjoy life.
  • Take on a headwind with ease and feel confident.
  • It's just like a bike, only better!
  • It is just really, really fun!

Why Teslica

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