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Purity M1H Electric Bike

Electric Mountain Bike

Introducing the 2020 Electric Mountain Bike. Its sleek design harbours a powerful lithium-ion battery hidden inside the frame. Sealed from the elements, you can be worry free on your daily commute or choose to hit your favourite trails and soak in all of natures Purity. Outfitted with all the latest features, this E-Bike is built for fun!

$1,699 CAD

Available in: Black/White and shipping is FREE  

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Freedom C1H Electric Bike

Electric City Bike

Cruise the city paths with ease and feel the Freedom on our 2020 City E-Bike. Built to last and with comfort in mind, it offers a simple step-through frame, raised handlebars over front suspension combined with a cushioned wide saddle.

Confidently splash through a puddle with its full weather guards then hit the local market and load up the solid rear cargo rack.  This bike will put a smile on your face!

$1,699 CAD

Available in: Black/White and shipping is FREE  

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Adrenaline F1H Electric Bike

Electric 20" Fat Tire Bike

This bike is PHAT. Feel a surge of Adrenaline with the powerful 500 watt motor as you fly over rough surfaces on the 20” fat tires! With its low centre of gravity and a super comfortable ride, this bike provides a unique feeling of confidence and fun.  Whether you are using this bike as a means of transportation or just for getting out and enjoying life, it will be sure to please.

$1,799 CAD

Available in: Black and shipping is FREE  

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Intensity F2000 Electric Bike

High Power Electric Mountain Bike

Feel the power and Intensity as you whip around at high speeds on this Fat Tire Mountain Bike. Hold on as the 2000 watts of power accelerates you forward and stay confident knowing its high capacity, 60 volt battery will get you there. Ride in comfort with the adjustable front suspension and safely bring the beast to a dead stop with the 180mm Hydraulic disc brakes. This bike will make even the flattest surfaces a blast!

$3,499 CAD

Available in: Black/White and shipping is FREE  

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Energize B1H Electric Bike

Electric Folding Bike

Get Energized!  With its easy collapsible frame, pack it away in the trunk, RV or on the boat and have it with you to enjoy the sights and sounds of each new destination. It has all you need and more with its 350 watt motor, disc brakes, fenders, cargo rack and wide cushioned saddle. If you are hiding this under your desk at work or putting miles on it at each new destination you will feel Energized to see more and do more!

$1,299 CAD

Available in: White and shipping is FREE  

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