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ebike winterebike winter maintenance — 01 Oct 2021

Getting Your EBike Ready For Winter

Getting Your EBike Ready For Winter


Fall is one of my favorite times of the year to enjoy some fresh air and colorful scenery while out for a ride. At the same time, the days are getting shorter so I have to start thinking about my e-bike options for fall and winter. 

Some of you will be using your e-bike over the winter months as well, so I’ve put together a few tips that you might find useful.

E-bike Battery Tips For The Winter

Your battery is the most expensive component of your e-bike and to ensure it lasts for years to come you’ll want to follow these guidelines:

1. If you are storing your bike for the winter make sure you run the battery level down to 50-60% charge before you put it away.

2. Store it in a cool (10 - 20 C) dry place, on or off the bike.

3. Be sure to put it on the charger for 15 minutes each month. Set an alarm on your phone or computer to act as a reminder.

4. Fully charge your battery before your 1st ride next spring. Also, make sure the charging port is closed and terminals are protected from any unnecessary exposure to corrosion.

5. When your battery is not in use, make sure it is stored and charged indoors. Do not let it freeze. You can use it on your bike in temperatures down to

about -10C.

E-bike Care And Maintenance For The Winter

  1. Try to avoid salt as it will corrode some components of your bike. However, most are easily replaceable if needed.
  2. Use a clear silicon spray on all susceptible components. Clean your bike regularly, use Isopropyl Alcohol to clean your disk brake rotor, and insure that no oils/contaminants touch your disk brakes.
  3. Clean your drivetrain with a degreaser, then lubricate -only- your chain using wet chain lube if you are going to be riding in wet conditions.
  4. Also, use a Di-electric spray on the electrical connections and charging port.
  5. If you are going to be riding in temperatures below freezing we recommend studded tires for extra safety. We have some sizes in stock.


E-bike Servicing

It’s always advisable to service your e-bike regularly and the fall/winter season is the perfect time to have your e-bike serviced so that it’s ready to ride come spring. If you’ve suffered from flat tires in the past, there are ways you can protect them for the future. With a product like Armour, you can have a whole new level of protection which can be installed at the same time as your tune up. We offer e-bike tune ups here at Teslica. To book an appointment you can contact our Service Manager Mahmoud at [email protected]

E-bike Storage

When it comes to storing your e-bike for the winter, you can choose to go with indoor or outdoor as long as your ebike is sheleted from the rain and snow. Basements and garages are often the most ideal environments to store your e-bike in. You can also store your bike in sheds and carports keeping in mind that you should detach the battery and store it in a clean, dry, room temperature environment at a charge capacity of 50-60%.

Road Safety

It’s important to ride cautiously in the winter as the road conditions can be unpredictable. Be mindful of other drivers on the road as well who could be struggling against the inclement weather.

We hope you have an enjoyable experience with your e-bike this winter. Of course if you have any questions you can contact us at 613-627-4285.

Enjoy the ride....

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